5 Yoga Exercises To Boost Your Fitness Levels

Yoga exercises play an excellent role in boosting up your fitness levels. Yoga poses are basically a kind of free hand exercises that keeps you fit in a natural way.

There are several poses which are very easy to perform and they effectively increase the fitness level in human body. Today we are going to share few of these poses which are superb for boosting up fitness level in your body.

Read the topic and follow each of the steps of the poses to perform them perfectly. Perform them regularly and you will see the difference in just few weeks.

Boost Your Fitness Levels With These Yoga Poses

1. Tree Pose

Tree pose is one of the important pose which effectively increases fitness of your body. Basically it makes the leg muscles powerful and keeps you fit in an effective way. First stand on both of your feet like mountain pose and then lift one leg from the ground. Place the feet in the groin area of the other leg. Keep the body balance. Now stretch both of your hands and then fold both the hands at the elbows. Keep both the palms joined. Hold the pose for 10-15 seconds and repeat it.

2. Bow Pose

Bow pose effectively increases the fitness of your body which keeps you fit. It also reduces the belly fat thus you look slim. First lie on the ground facing to the floor. Stretch both of your legs and keep your arms beside your body keeping the palms down side. Now uplift both of your legs keeping both the feet together. Also stretch both of your hands in backward direction to hold both of the feet. Hold this pose for 10-12 seconds and perform it again. While perform this pose your body looks like a bow thus this pose has such a name.

3. Crane Pose

Crane pose is a little bit difficult pose for the beginners but it is a superb pose which brings excellent fitness in your body. In this pose you have to carry your whole body and keeping the balance on both of the hands. First place your knees on the floor and then stand upon them. Now place both of your hands firmly on the ground keeping them on the floor. Then try to uplift your whole body from the floor by folding your legs. Keep your body balances on both of your hands adjusting the muscles of shoulder and arm.

4. Downward Facing Dog Pose

Downward facing dog pose is easy to do and plays a significant role in boosting up your fitness levels. It actually boosts up the fitness of the lower part of your body. First stand on the floor keeping both of your feet together and then bend the upper body part at your waist. Stretch both of your hands and try to touch the ground. Place your palms firmly on the ground and face downward. Hold this pose for 15-20 seconds and do a repeat action. Daily practice of this pose keeps you fit and increases the fitness in an effective manner.

B5. ridge Pose

Perform bridge pose regularly to boost your body fitness level. This pose is not so tough but keeps you fit if you do this pose regularly. To perform this pose you have to lie on the floor firstly on your back. Stretch both of the legs in forward direction and then fold them at your knees. Stretch both of your hands over your head keeping both the palms together. This pose increases the fitness level by boosting the power in leg and back muscles.